See it SAFE® textile technology

See it SAFE® anti-microbial textile produced by Toray Textiles Europe Limited.

See it SAFE® is manufactured with X-STATIC® silver fibre as the active agent carrier.
This unique technology has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of
a textile fibre that is woven into the fabric. This fibre system is used to prevent harmful
bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted from the product. The silver
fibre retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics that can be used in woven fabrics.
The anti-microbial agent is inherent in the fabrics and active for the life of the product.
An extensive range of technical textiles has been created for a variety of end uses and
organisations, including those operating in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food preparation,
catering and retail sectors.

See it SAFE® is specifically designed to defeat the threat of microbial sources. The fabrics
within the range are re-useable, technologically advanced and lightweight; providing
comfort and protection.
See it SAFE® provides hygiene protection when in contact with the human skin. A self
sanitising product that provides the foremost preventative textile barrier against crossinfection
from localised environment.
See it SAFE® is the ultimate anti-microbial fabric solution – a fabric system uniquely suited
to meet several needs of both consumer and industrial markets.







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