Anti-MRSA silver fabric trialled

A fabric that developers claim helps to kill the MRSAsuperbug is being trialled at hospitals.
The material, made at the Toray fabric factory in Mansfield,Nottinghamshire, features a silver yarn woven into it.Factory bosses claim research showed it was proven to kill
more than 99% of the bacteria. It is being used in curtains in wards at Great Ormond Street
Hospital and in surgeons' gowns nurses' uniforms in other hospitals.
'Kills bacteria'
Sales manager Simon Burnett-Boothroyd said: "We are using a silver iron technology that we weave into our fabric. "The silver ionises when it is in the presence of bacteria and
this ionisation process kills the bacteria that are present, on or near the fabric.
"We have research which says if a person that happens to have MRSA touches the fabric and another person one hour later touches the fabric, they will not cross-contaminate from one person to another.

"They are being trialled in various hospitals, including Great Ormond Street for curtains on one of their wards.
"We are running yet more trials in other hospitals for surgeons gowns and nurses uniforms."